The Boardroom Club | Clarity in the blink of an AI, The unexpected economics of rapid decisioning.
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Clarity in the blink of an AI.

The [Unexpected] Economics of Rapid Decisioning.

3rd July 2019 at The Gherkin : 6.15pm-9.30pm

In partnership with SAS, the power to know

Who Should Attend?

CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs and CMOs from London’s largest organisations. Among others, current members of the forum include: the C-Level Executives of Sony Music, The British Council, Tesco and Thomas Cook to name a few.


Gain insights and ideas from your peers and thought leaders in your field
Benchmark your own plans within a collaborative and confidential environment
Network with this exclusive group of senior executives within the world’s largest companies


All our dinner meetings are collaborative and information, designed to give you actionable ideas you can take back to your business the next day. Each meeting includes a keynote speaker, chaired discussion and an anonymous electronic vote on key topics. You will also enjoy a fabulous meal, stunning views and an opportunity to connect with other senior executives. In addition, each meeting is themed around a popular film to deepen the experience and surface key insights. This theme is kept secret until a few weeks before the meeting takes place.

The Discussion

Much has been said about organisational agility and the new, digital paradigm ahead of us. Agile businesses are out-performing their competition hands down. According to McKinsey research, agile organisations have a 70% chance of being in the top quartile for long-term performance. This goes some way to explain why 75% of enterprise boards say organisational agility is a top-three priority in 2019.


However, modern decision-making lags behind our digital future, especially when it comes to speed. Real artificial intelligence (AI) goes beyond automation to making intelligent decisions in the blink of an eye. Faster than you can imagine. Helping organisations make decisions at the speed of the customer, business and market.


The economics of rapid decisioning are changing very quickly and with some unexpected outcomes. Whether it’s a lack of accurate data for the right customer interaction, a lack of knowledge to reduce cost in the right areas or a lack of insight to make the best board-level decisions, slow decision making will hit your bottom line and curb potential growth. What price comes with the good, the bad and the ugly decisions your organisation makes, millions of times a day? And what prize too?

Confirmed Members

Chief Financial Officer , GSK
Chief Executive Officer, BNP Paribas
Chief Operating Officer, Tandem Bank
Chief Operating Officer, Network Rail 

Chief Operating Officer, Santander
Chief Financial Officer , Allen & Overy
Chief Information Officer, Selfridges

Global Chief Information Officer, Rank Group
Chief Operating Officer, Société Générale

Finance Director, 118118 Money
Chief Operating Officer, HSBC
Chief Operating Officer, Lloyds Banks
Chief Operating Officer, Department for Work and Pensions
Chief Operating Officer, HMRC
Chief Financial Officer, Vice Media
Chief Financial Officer , AMT Mortgage Insurance

Chief Financial Officer , Lidl
Chief Technology Officer, ICBC Standard Bank
Chief Operating Officer, HSBC
Chief Executive Officer, Optima Group
Finance Director, NHS
Deputy Chief Digital Officer, Barclays
Chief Operating Officer, Willis Towers Watson
Chief Data Officer, Virgin Care
Chief Financial Officer, GE Capital
Chief Information Officer, Marsh 
Places remaining: None [please contact us to join the wait list] 


If you have a question about attendance, please contact me direct:


James Harris, Director, Boardroom Club

Tel: +44 (0) 20 3322 6788


Address: 18-20 Huntsworth Mews, Marylebone, London NW1 6DD

Where and When?

July 3rd at The Gherkin 6:15pm in Central London. 

6:15 Networking drinks, canapes
7:00 Keynote, chaired debate and vote
8:00 Private dinner (main course)
8:30 Vote results and discussion
8:50 Networking drinks, dessert canapes
9:30 Close


A special thank you to our club’s founding partner, SAS, for their continued support of the The Boardroom Club.