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“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new” 



The world in 2021 continues to be unpredictable, disrupted and even dysfunctional at times. Elections, social unrest, Brexit, viruses, vaccines, mutations, climate change, artificial intelligence, digitalisation…the list goes on. In response to unrelenting adversity, the human brain is conditioned to hunker down and weather the storm. But this survival instinct does not work in the world of business. To survive, you must thrive. You cannot stand still.


Coming out of the last recession, companies who invested in CX grew three times faster than the average. The churn of companies in/out of the Fortune 500 was 90% higher than the previous ten years. And those who were slow to respond ultimately spend 1.85x more than their competition and made bigger, riskier, single bets. Far from buttoning down the hatches, the thrive-focused organisation says, “now is the time to go out and conquer”.


So, what does the thriving organisation look like? And what about the thriving team? Even the thriving leader?



BNP Paribas
Chief Operating Officer
Network Rail
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Allen & Overy
Chief Information Officer
Global Chief Information Officer
Rank Group
Chief Operating Officer
Société Générale
Chief Operating Officer
Lloyds Banking Group
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer



Chief Financial Officer
Vice Media
Chief Financial Officer
AMT Insurance
Chief Financial Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Deputy Chief Digital Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Willis Towers Watson
Chief Data Officer
Virgin Care
Chief Information Officer


Caspar started his working life at the age of 16 as an actor in the first two series of BBC drama Byker Grove with “Ant and Dec”.  At aged 26, he decided to take a risk and move to Las Vegas with his life savings in his pocket. Playing poker was disciplining, testing and demanding but also incredibly emotionally rewarding as he conquered the challenges it posed and made a living as a professional poker player at the tables of Las Vegas.


He then went on to set up Twenty First Century Media which he built to a team of 40 before selling to Bob Geldof’s Ten Alps plc. In 2006 he was then asked to be one of the two poker advisors on the James Bond movie “Casino Royale”, tasked with training the actors up to look like professional poker players for the key scenes.


In the last 14 years Caspar has delivered over 2,000 speeches and training sessions in more than 30 countries for nearly 500 organisations including the biggest companies in the world.


Berry_Caspar (002)


All of our meetings are collaborative and informative, designed to give you actionable ideas you can take back to your business the next day. This virtual meeting is no different. Prior to the virtual meeting taking place, each attendee is interviewed to understand their interests and perspective. Those who register early will also contribute towards the Think! series of reports, which are published prior to each virtual meeting.

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The Club is supported by our partners at SAS Software, the number 1 AI and advanced analytics software platform. With a scope to cover all sectors, SAS use machine learning to fight fraud, computer vision to improve cancer survival rates, and natural language processing to increase customer understanding.

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