The Boardroom Club | Casino Royale: Going All-In on AI…When Will We See Returns on This Year’s Big Bet?
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Casino Royale: Going All-In on AI…When Will We See Returns on This Year’s Big Bet?

The Boardroom

Date: 4th April 2019

Location: The Gherkin

Time: 6.15pm-9.30pm

Who Should Attend

CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CIOs and CMOs from London’s largest organisations. Among others, current members of the forum include: the C-Level Executives of Sony Music, The British Council, Tesco and Thomas Cook to name a few.

The Discussion

It’s no secret that every major company is investing heavily in AI. Despite a year of uncertainty ahead, members of the Boardroom Club are backing AI as a key investment area in 2019. Such is the confidence and excitement around the potential for this emerging technology. In the next 12-months, there will be a 357% increase in the number of large companies (5,000+ employees) operationalising their usage of AI [IDG, 2019].


So it seems AI is about to start scaling. However, it won’t be plain sailing. AI introduces unpredictable & thorny issues around ethics, culture, governance and data to name a few. Issues that could undermine, delay or eliminate the return-on-investment goals you have. In addition, scaling AI is slow, while expectations are very high. Indeed, “AI projects face unique obstacles due to their scope and popularity, misperceptions about their value, the nature of the data they touch” [Gartner, 2019].


All of which means UK Boards have a difficult course to navigate, balancing investment with returns expectations with risk. IT leaders are expecting 40% of their AI initiatives to “deliver a positive impact within 3-5 years”. But how long are you prepared to wait for returns? And how will you balance continuing investment, governance and ethical questions from your stakeholders? And how will you bring trust, hearts and minds along for the ride?

For senior executives, this is an exclusive, must-attend event. It is invitation-only and due to its popularity places do go quickly. Please register now to confirm a place.

Where and When?

On this occasion, we’ll meet on April 4th at The Gherkin 6:15pm in Central London. 

For further information, please contact the Club Director, Ellie Collins at


6:15pm Drinks & introductions

7:15pm Keynote speaker

8:00pm Networking & canapés

8:20pm Panel debate

9:00pm Networking & canapés

9:30pm Carriages


A special thank you to our club’s founding partner, SAS, for their continued support of the The Boardroom Club.