The Boardroom Club | Predictions 2019: May you live in interesting times.
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Predictions: May you live in interesting times

The Boardroom

Date: 29th November 2018

Location: Quaglino’s

Time: 6.15pm-9.30pm

Who Should Attend

CEOs, CFOs COOs, CIOs and CMOs from London’s largest organisations. Among others, current members of the forum include: the C-Level Executives of Sony Music, The British Council, Tesco and Thomas Cook to name a few.

The Discussion

“In 2018, May’s government will fail, Corbyn will become Prime Minister and Brexit will never happen” 

[Speaker at Boardroom Club, November 2017]


Not all predictions come true, but we’d take a bold prediction over a vague one any day. The great thing about a bold prediction is it creates discussion. Not maybe or possibly or broadly or I think, but “I believe x will happen”.


Until artificial intelligence (AI) can predict the future for us, the best source of insight we have is the opinions of our peers and trusted thought leaders. That’s why the Boardroom’s final session of the year, Predictions, is the most popular meeting of the year.


With 2019 approaching at a fearsome pace, we take a look at the year ahead. If you think 2018 has been a roller coaster year, standby for the next 12-months. We’re not finished yet:



  • Will the US mid-terms confirm Trump’s whirlwind brand of politics?
  • Will the Chequers plan deliver Brexit? Or deliver a new Prime Minister?
  • What changes will Gen Z demand of our business as they enter the workforce?
  • What moral questions will be asked of us as AI and Robotics enter the workplace?


The Chinese proverb (curse) “may you live in interesting times” is very apt. So, if you want the inside track on 2019, join us. We’re meeting for our last session of the year with a provocative look at our predictions for the next 12-months.


We’re meeting at the legendary Quaglino’s restaurant at 6:15PM in their private function room overlooking the iconic dining floor. Filling the room will be the usual mix of innovative, forward-thinking C-Suite executives from the UK’s largest companies. Following a keynote talk we will have a vote on the year ahead, and a lively Q&A session with our thought leaders on the four pillars of PEST Analysis – politics, economics, society and technology.


For senior executives this is an exclusive, must-attend event. It is invitation-only and due to its popularity places do go quickly. Please register now to confirm place.


Please be aware that this session is invitation-only and the invitation is not transferrable without prior confirmation. If you would like to invite a colleague or you have someone else in mind please introduce them to us via email. Please note, we can only accept C-Level guests from large-scale companies. If you are unsure please drop us a line first to assess your colleague’s suitability.

Where and When?

On this occasion, we’ll meet on November 29th at 6:15pm at Quaglino’s in Central London. 

For further information, please contact the Club Director, Ellie Collins at


6:15pm Networking Drinks & Canapés

7:15pm Keynote Speaker

8:00pm Networking Drinks & Canapés

8:20pm Panel Discussion

9:00pm Networking & Dessert Canapés

9:30pm Carriages


A special thank you to our club’s founding partner, SAS, for their continued support of the The Boardroom Club.