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“The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”

Rob Siltanen


The final Boardroom meeting of 2020 takes a look at the future. This is the final in the series of Think! discussions held throughout 2020, a transformational year. We started with Think Different, exploring how we could re-imagine our businesses after the pandemic. Next came Think Fast, quickly followed by Think Change, reflecting the need to act, much, much faster. And now we conclude with a look ahead. What will 2021 hold for us, our companies and the world? 

People & Change

with Jamil Qureshi

2-3PM, 19-NOV

The future demands us to be different. In this ever-connected world, optimal outcomes are reliant on transformational mindsets driving transformational behaviours. Leaders today are presented with new challenges; how can we be more transformational while maintaining operational excellence in a vastly disrupted world. This interactive session is run by Jamil Qureshi, one of today’s foremost practitioners of performance enhancing psychology and an expert in high performing teams. 


John Volanthen

2-3PM, 26-NOV

As we look ahead to 2021, many organisations have declared their intention to build a more resilient business. And yet, very few businesses understand what this looks like. What is the model? What are the measures? Helping us explore these questions is John Volanthen. John was at the centre of one of the most inspiring stories of resilience in recent times – the rescue of the Thai football team from flooded caves in July 2018. His story is one of adaptability, expertise and leadership in a continuously changing environment. We will ask “what can we learn from this example of resilience?”

Human Hacking

with Jenny Radcliffe

11-12PM, 26-NOV

Humans educate themselves with data, make decisions with their heart. As the future of business decision making becomes increasingly data-led, what can we learn about the underlying human motivators that guide our thoughts and beliefs in a less transparent way. Jenny Radcliffe, the Human Hacker, has made a career of conning people in a professional environment. What drives people to commit fraud or leave themselves open to it as well? ?



Global Chief Information Officer, Rank       

Chief Information Officer, Selfridges

Deputy Chief Digital Officer, Barclays

Chief Information Officer, Marsh

Chief Technology Officer, ICBC Bank

Chief Data Officer, Virgin Care

Chief Executive Officer, Unipart

Chief Executive Officer, BNP Paribas

Chief Financial Officer, GSK

Chief Financial Officer, Allen & Overy

Chief Financial Officer, Lidl

Chief Financial Officer, GE Capital

Chief Operating Officer, Tandem Bank

Chief Operating Officer, DWP

Chief Operating Officer, HMRC

Chief Operating Officer, Network Rail

Chief Operating Officer, Willis 


All of our meetings are collaborative and informative, designed to give you actionable ideas you can take back to your business the next day. This virtual meeting is no different. Prior to the virtual meeting taking place, each attendee is interviewed to understand their interests and perspective. Those who register early will also contribute towards the Think! series of reports, which are published prior to each virtual meeting.

Webinar experience


The Club is supported by our partners at SAS Software, the number 1 AI and advanced analytics software platform. With a scope to cover all sectors, SAS use machine learning to fight fraud, computer vision to improve cancer survival rates, and natural language processing to increase customer understanding.

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If you have a question about attendance, please contact me:


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